…..sono solo delle selle….

Old School Seat
When you’re pedalling about your city, soaking up the fabric of life on your urban landscape, it’s nice to know your ass is sitting fine and dandy upon a groovy bicycle saddle. Here’s a little guide to some of the derriere options available to cycle chicistas and chicistos.
I Heart Copenhagen
We heart this seat. The heart is a major cultural symbol in Denmark. They have featured country’s coat of arms for centuries, we hang hearts on our christmas trees and we even have hearts on our coins:
Hearts on Danish Coins

Summer House Bikes: Saddle Berry Worn Saddle
Don’t get us wrong. Vintage saddles have a charm that is almost impossible to replicate, but sometimes you just need to funk things up a bit.

Spicylicious Bike Seatness Fire Under Your Bum
Ride on a rainbow or on flames of passion. Whatever works for you.

Heart Target
Ride on delicate pink or ride right on target.

Taarnby Details Saddle Up with Brooks
Some Danish bicycle brands are now producing bike bits that match, like the seat and handlebar grips from Taarnby Bikes, at left. At right, you can’t often go wrong with a classic Brooks saddle, which are all the rage in Copenhagen. Classic leather that ends up fitting your bottom and your bottom alone. Now THAT’S personalising supreme.

Stockholm Cycle Chic14 Swedish Bike Beauty
If you and your bottom fancy the saddle you have now, then you can always use a seat cover for added spice and style. Fluffy or grassy are only two options out of kabillions.

Rain Cover The Drum Bicycle
Funk up your seat with colourful, kitsch colours or feel the urban beat with a seat like the one on the famous Copenhagen Drum Bicycle.

Bike Seat Covers For Sale
You can choose from a fine selection of animals to keep your saddle dry in the rain or snow.

Vive la France in Copenhagen
In Copenhagen many people shove a plastic bag under their saddle and pull it out if the saddle is wet. It’s a simple, no-nonsense approach to keep bottoms dry.
Advertising in a Bike Culture
The great thing in this city is that if you don’t want to use a plastic bag or can’t be bothered buying a saddle cover, you’ll be given free ones several times a year.

Because there are so many bicycles in the world’s cycling capital, advertising printed on saddle covers are an effective marketing tool and you’ll often see bike racks where all the bikes have been given a free saddle cover for this or that product.

Sikker Skolevej Bicycle Seat Cover Big Arse
Here’s one from a political party wanting safer routes to school on the left and the text on the right reads, “Does my ass look big on this?!”. It’s an advert for a light cream cheese.

Organic Uni
These two are for a new organic soft drink and a university, respectively.

Lest we forget the artsy/crafty option. Crochet your own bicycle seat cover and create your own personal style, like this one from Carina’s Craft Blog.

We have some more accessory ideas in our Cycle Chic Guide to Choosing a Bicycle post from a while back.




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